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*Create Standard Operating Procedures involved with grant writing for the Graduate Office.

*Rewrite a software training manual for Christus Spohn nurses. Contact: John Besignano,, 881-3261.

*Develop an IT plan for a small business.

Here is a list that all Technical and Professional Writing classes draw from: [[]]. You must talk to me first before contacting any of the contacts on the list.

Here are the projects students did in my class Spring of 06: [[Spring 06 Projects]]

Robyn - Pamphlet, audience ?

Sarah - redesign of website for Gethsemane Lutheran

SOP Group - Casey, Lynetter, Andi, Shelly, Amy, Kelsey, Victor, Jonathan, Audrey

JD - SOP American Bank Center

Coty - Newsletter for Pharmacy

Darcy - Manual for Camp Aranzazu

Jose - ????

David - CCCF??

Jason - Redesign of CS brochures

Michelle - grant for Rid Gangs in America

Christi Spohn Group - William, April, Jose

Christie Feliz- Club Corpus Volleyball(Marketing Brochure)