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    You have a really good start and you really know your subject.  The article that you have written (or started) has a lot of information and you have structure and organization.  You might want to consider narrowing the audience of your article to be directed at business people who are looking to become involved in e-commerce.

     An introduction that tells the audience what you are going to tell them, step by step, will help you define what you are going to do and who you are going to write to.  

     On the Rankin level 1 questions, your ideas are pretty fully explained.  I think if you define your audience, your purpose will become more clear.  I do not know what the professional guidelines for your area of writing, but I am sure that you do.  The voice and tone of your article are appropriate, it was interesting to me.


Vanessa,I suggest you start with defining what a rhetoric and composition mean, so non english majors can follow up if you can define unfamiliar terms.I was not sure about leaving open questions since its not used in biology.Also I could not find a figure 1 to the figure you pointed.Probably my last suggestion would be defining abbreivations before actually using it Comp/Rhet.


  • I gave Vinod some recommendations on consistency. He began using the symbol %, and then moved into using the actual word "percent." I also think it might be helpful for Vinod to show the abbreiviation for hectares-- (ha)--immediately after he first uses the word, so we know, later on in the paper, what ha stands for. I'm also wondering if in CBE and the field of biology writing if paragraphing techniques are used. ~Vanessa

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