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SGarza: FeedbackForBo

The overflow of the paper is not really clear. The first part seems like an overview of security with the general definitions. The second point of the paper is confusing. The big 2 title is saying "Using RC4? Weakness To Crack WEP" but later than i see a lot of definitions and description of WEB. You might want to change this title because it is not only about using RC4? weakeness to crack WEP. The point 2.2 RC4? weakness of WEP Encryption, the title seems confusing. Later than in point 2.2.2 Weak IVs?, the main point of this part is about RC4? and you turn into IVs? without telling the reader why you mention as my assumption was you gonna talk about RC4? only. I think you can avoid the definition of cracking method in the point 2.3 as the audience already know what is cracking.

In overall, my suggestion is to put all the definition in the first part of the paper with a title like Overview or Definition of terms using in the paper. The headers are useful to guide the reader but becareful with the name of the title as it might get confused the reader.

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