Question 1

  • Informative 8
  • Not informative 0
  • Interesting 2
  • Boring 3
  • Easy to understand 1
  • Hard to follow 1

Question 2 Invitation 1 Eligibility 6 Application 4

Question 3 Eligibilty 3 Application 11

Question 4 Yes 9 No 0 Offered scholarship information Gave a dollar amount Showed happy Scholars

Question 5 Had to read further to understand GPA. Info was at the bottom. What is taken into consideration when looking at the other majors. How does the tax return figure in to the equation

Question 6 Application Reference letters Personal statement Income info 5 got all of the elements

Question 7 Hard to see that Personal Statement is a link Color makes link hard to see Provide a sample

Question 8 How is it funded and for what terms after the grant period ends Why was the program started here?

Question 9 Hyperlink that has a definition of underrepresented people Does the faculty recommendation have to be from here Eye appealing - blue, fonts Use common language and then link to legal explanation Order of the links Can't wait until senior year to apply - in eligibility and process Clearer instructions for application itself