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SGarza: FeedbackOnLevelIQuestions

Have at least 5 pages written with a cover page for your group that tells them what you've done or tried to do so far, what questions/concerns you have at this point, and how the group can help you with feedback.

Use the level one questions from Rankin and provide feedback to at least one other person in your group. Then using that information, discuss how you will make changes to your document, and or the next steps you will take in writing your document. Or to put it another way, how does the feedback help you and how are you going to use it? What decisions have you made regarding what you need to do next?

Also, post the 5 pages that you wrote as part of your posting.

Bhavani feedback from Betsy

Vanessa's first 5 pages

Prapulla's first 5 pages

Eduardo's first 5 pages

Gonzalo's first 5 pages

Himabindu's first 5 pages

Olaf's first 5 pages

Jeet's first 5 pages

Kien's first 5 pages

Siddhartha's first 5 pages

Betsy's first 5 pages

Ram's first 5 pages

Vinod's first 5 pages

Aslam's first 5 pages

-- Srujan's first 5 pages

Minh Duc's first 5 pages



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