We will meet in the Hammerhead Parking Lot (see Campus Map for location. It is the lot just to the left as you enter the second entrance to campus. It is between the kiosk and the church. Try to be at the parking lot by 1:55 so that we can leave by 2. We will be back to campus by 4.



  • How would a community center benefit the community?
  • What would the children need/like?
  • What would you like others to know about your community?
  • What kinds of things have been done in the community that have helped you the most?
  • Tell me about your job?
  • What day-to-day needs do you have that are being met?
  • What are some of your main problems/needs?
  • If you had a community center would you go there and do some of the activites? Why/why not?

=ENGL 5369 Questions