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SGarza: FinalProject

For your Final Project you have two choices:

Usability Project For this project you will choose an existing website and conduct a usability test and then write a report based on the findings. One example is a Usability Project completed by one of my former students Mike Carlisle. (The report is written as a web-based hypertext document, but you can do the same thing using Word if you are afraid of this sort of thing. And don't worry about the fancy front page as I'm not expecting you to do that either.)

You can create your report as a wiki page or you can do a report on word and then upload your document. More Info on Usability Project

Web Design Project For this project you can create a website or do a redesign of an existing website and then write a report based on the work you complete on the project. This, however, cannot be just a made up page on a topic. For example, you can't create a webpage on why students shouldn't drink and drive. You have to have a real audience/purpose for the project, so you need to find a client who needs a website developed, or a client who has a website and needs it redesigned/updated. If you can't find a project. I can help you with ideas. Here is an example of a website Redesign Project by Laurel Clifton, another one of my former students. (Her report is a reflection of the entire class, but for this class your report should only cover the work you do on the website project.) And here is an example of a New Website Design project by Caleb Sawyer (for which he won a Haas Writing Award).

More info on Web Design

Please Note the multiple due dates for this project.

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