This will be a race, and the first two people in each group to complete their list will receive extra points. The game is a version of the "Never Have I Ever" game.

By asking questions of others in the class (or other methods you may think of) find at least one person in the class who

  • Is a twin
  • Has lived overseas
  • Been in an earthquake
  • Been bitten by a dog
  • Won a bowling trophy
  • Has taken a picture of their face (or other body part) on a xerox machine
  • Had a near death experience
  • Had to run to save their life
  • Had a bad fall because they were walking and texting
  • Freebie - This one can be anything you want it to be.

You will participate in this as part of a group as listed below:

  • Group 1 - Last name begins with the letters A-F
  • Group 2 - Last name begins with the letters G-L
  • Group 3 - Last name begins with the letters M-Z

When you have found someone in your group for each question, post your list in the Discussion Forum.