• Choose a subject and a level that you would like to put together teaching materials for teaching writing.
  • Think of your audience as other teachers who will be using the materials.
  • Each week you will turn in the following:
    • At least one writing assignment
    • Source info for the assignment
    • An outside source that critically examines the concepts being used in the assignment (journal, blog, acceptable website). This has to be a different source than the source(s) you use for the actual assignment.
    • Information from the course texts related to the assignment. You have to include info from both books for each weekly posting of your project.
  • Connect what you are doing to at least one item on the Best Practices in Writing Pedagogy handout.
    • (Optional) Listing and discussion of the specific TEKS related to the assignment
  • For each week you must have at least two pages single spaced (or online equivalent)
  • All source info must be included or credit will not be given for that section
  • The information must be presented in a way that makes sense to the reader. If information is just dumped into a file with no rhyme or reason, full credit will not be given.

For final product turn in as pdf or url.

Week One

  • The Writing Workshop Chapters 1-4
  • Hidden Gems Chapters 1, 2, 3

Week Two

  • The Writing Workshop Chapters 5-8
  • Hidden Gems Chapters 4, 5

Week Three

  • The Writing Workshop Chapters 9-12
  • Hidden Gems Chapters 6, 7, 8

Week Four

  • The Writing Workshop Chapters 13-16
  • Hidden Gems Chapter 9, 10

Genre Teaching Project Rubric