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''Please post your comments to Noelle and Meredith's Project here:''
Does the project adequately address the issue? Yes, the project clearly shows how theory supports mainstreaming writers.
Does the project consider the target audience? For CompFAQ, I imagine the writers would be mostly undergraduates unfamiliar with Writing Center theory and I think the project does a good job of explaining and linking to other helpful sources- a main goal of CompFAQ.
Does the project take into account the history, chronology, and key events in the development of post secondary writing centers? Yes, it does a good job in particular of marking the change in writing centers from grammar-based to more collaborative/socially constructed which is essential to understanding the modern writing center.
Does the project acknowledge the various discussions in writing center praxis? Yes,it does. My project was actually based around these discussions though, and I was glad that while Noelle covered it, we didn
't overlap to redundancy.
Does the project consult established resources in the field? Yes, absolutely.
Does the project contribute to the ongoing discussion in the writing center . Yes, I think it raises a number of interesting issues while giving a good overall history.
And, of course, is the project free of surface level errors that would render it innapropriate for the target audience? I only saw one which is below the average.
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''Please post your comments to Noelle and Meredith's Project here:''

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