Core Goals

  • Understand and use writing and speaking processes of invention, drafting, revision, editing, and delivery
  • Specify audience and purpose and make appropriate rhetorical choices
  • Produce clear and coherent prose as adapted to purpose, audience and occasion
  • Understand the importance of practice and reflection
  • Read for a variety of purposes across the disciplines
  • Understand research as inquiry and integral to one's writing processes
  • Use critical reasoning for problem solving
  • Evaluate arguments analytically and creatively
  • Listen carefully, think critically and reflectively, and respond ethically during group discussion
  • Use technology to communicate and acquire information

Other Important Principles

  • Reading and writing as literate acts arise out of, shape and are shaped by contexts that are individual, social, political and historical
  • Reading and writing are practices through which humans act and make meaning
  • The writing classroom is a site of respectful and ethical interaction
  • Writing, as primary medium for constructing knowledge, enhances learning across the curriculum
  • Choices of writing and reading technology affect one's composing process