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Audience: 5th International Interdisciplinary Conference on Electronic Commerce "ECOM-06" Purpose: Help business people to understand and learn how to implement an e-commerce strategy. After feedback I, I decided to narrow my subject so, instead of doing of the whole implementation process, I will address only the implementation of the strategy. I decided to do this, because, the most work of managers is while defining and implementing the strategy. The software implementation, it is more work of software engineers. So read this paper with that perspective. In these 5 pages, I tried to make an introduction to my subject and start talking about the benefits of implementing an e-commerce strategy in a company. Then, I start pointing the myths and misperceptions that business people confront when they are trying to develop the e-commerce strategy. I start with the main point that is formulating an e-commerce strategy. I am not sure if I have started well, in the sense of making a good introduction. If I should explain more about e-commerce and what is it, or with that information, is clear enough. Besides that, I am not sure if the structure of the paper is good. I will like feedback in those points and any other suggestion will be accepted thankfully.

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