Audience: Prospective Employers

Purpose: To present your skills and experience as a Desktop Publisher

Requirements: Your final portfolio should include a minimum of 5 documents (10 pages minimum) of different content) that illustrate your best work. (Note that minimum equates to a passing score, not a grade of A.) The work you include can be chosen from work we will do in class or projects that you choose to do individually. The work does not have to be done with any certain software program, so you can include hand-drawn documents as well. But it would be a good idea to include work that shows your software skills as well. This should be your best work, so don't feel like you have to rate your work against everyone else in the class. Multimedia projects are encouraged: podcasts, Youtube videos, Myspace pages, etc.

Grading: Your final grade will be determined based on the following:

  • Completeness - portfolio includes required number and types of pages. To receive full credit, work included in the portfolio should be complete and should follow the principles learned from the book and in class.
  • Representation - portfolio presents an overall picture of your skills, as opposed to just 10 pages of the same thing.
  • Audience/Purpose - documents are clearly designed based on audience and purpose considerations
  • Appropriate Packaging - package is neat, appropriate and professional in appearance. Electronic packaging is great, but not required.
  • Statement - say something about what you have in the portfolio. Explain to the reader why you have included the work, what it shows about your skills, and/or some of the history about the creation of the project.


What goes into a desktop publishing portfolio?: