Analysis of the Selena Gravesite

  • Gate made of iron and had a lock.
  • Stone tiles, beige, inlaid pebbles
  • Flanking the larger area wood and white brick columns, with green vines
  • Other tombstones around
  • Mesquite tree and 2 baby palm trees. Mesquite framing, protection. Very hard wood, sturdy, thorns.
  • Sign - "Stay Out Respect Gravesite"
  • Headstone - black
  • Monument - bronze
  • White artificial flowers

AUdience? - fans, admirers, from all over

Setting - Seaside Memorial, with other markers very close

Culture - Hispanic, Latina, South Texas, working class, lower/mid income

Creator -


  • Lines in the gate
  • Monument flush with the ground
  • White flowers - purity
  • Square,
  • Signature
  • Monument - Embossed affect with how the face comes up


  • Fence makes it hard to move freely. Most people stayed at the front
  • Walkway makes it so that people seemingly can enter only one way.
  • Fence wasn't always there.

Research Question: How it illustrates her personality

Family connections.

Propen pg. 77-79 talks about how barriers can change the experience