• Dark blue gray, little black, little yellow in the candles
  • Dull, not vibrant
  • Almost blue mist
  • Natural light, moonlight, is there a ceiling?
  • Warm light, orange-yellowish from candles and doorway
  • Arya was dark blue/gray
  • Guy stood out because of light gray, contrasts with darker colors, gave impression of white
  • Faces have a fleshy color
  • Guys face dark
  • Her face pale,
  • Gray streak in his hair
  • His eyes blue/grey?


  • Faces are paler than stones surrounding them
  • Shadows around faces, circles paleness of face


  • Columns going up and horizontal at base
  • Steps
  • Hallway
  • Doorway
  • Frames of cubbyholes
  • Tiles
  • Decorative lines on columns
  • Collar on her chest is square
  • He has a square on his collar


  • Pillar are circular
  • Bases are circular
  • Heads are circular
  • Her face and his face
  • Gothic arches pointing to heaven
  • Candles at bottom spiritual meaning


  • Columns width and heighth
  • Floor width
  • Depth behind the faces
  • Hallways/paths leading in and out show depth
  • Circle at the top


  • Smooth
  • Flat
  • Dusty, misty
  • Rough walls
  • Faces smooth and lifelike, pale
  • Clothing like flour sack, rough, unfinished


  • Between columns, lots of room to walk around each one
  • Lots of space between floor and ceiling
  • Is there a ceiling
  • Floor mirror image of whatever is at the top
  • Columns 3 dimensional
  • Faces 3 dimensional


  • Don't see the perspective of the girl
  • How big room is compared to the girl

Angle, Vantage Point, Point of View

  • We see larger vastness and depth of the room
  • She sees less than we do
  • We see from far away, her perspective looking up, we are put in middle of their conversation at eye level


  • Heads
  • Door
  • Columns
  • Candles create a frame
  • Dark in her dress frames her


  • Faces never open eyes
  • Girl never blinks
  • Her face stands out
  • Columns


  • Columns
  • Floor
  • Cubbyholes are balanced


  • Column shapes
  • Squares in clothing
  • Cubbyhole shapes
  • Tiles in floor


  • Very small changes in contrast
  • All colors blend together