The use of space/architechture in order to provide for the needs and wants of the inhabitants.

  • Space already created by (whoever created the house)
  • Space created by the inhabitants

In this way, we can follow bell hooks in recognizing the creativity of the people who inhabit this space instead of seeing them as only disadvantaged people who lack everything (including the agency to create their own space).

Question: What are my preconcieved notions?

When I was a kid, I would draw squiggley lines on my etch-a-sketch, twisting the knobs forward and back, creating mass of lines and spaces. Then I would stare at the spaces and curves and from the chaos create rooms and stairs and trees and swings. From the mess would emerge my dream house.

Colonias - own the land - like bell hooks' shacks. Better than the standardized housing.

How do the people of the Colonias define their reality - how do we view it?

Color - what colors do we see, what do they represent?

Logocentric messages

Advertising and political - are we seeing that from the standpoint of outsiders or are these of the inside?