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Hesford, Wendy S. and Brenda Jo Brueggemann. ''Rhetorical Visions: Reading and Writing in a Visual Culture.''

*How do they define visual rhetoric?
**visual rhetoric is the art of persuasion taking into account the author, the audience, and the text (the rhetorical triangle).
**consider ethos, pathos, and logos.

*What do they think we should do? what's the game plan?
**They want students to "explore the complex and often ambiguous and / or contradictory meanings embedded in visual and verbal texts" (xx)
**Using rhetorical analysis, writing, and research
**visual analysis shaping perceptions of family
**visual rhetoric through the idea that it is situated in a moment in history: the context through which we view the image is part of the visual rhetoric because meanings change over time.
**visual rhetoric is a persuasive tool; it shapes our concepts
**the way that something is presented carries the authority with it