How Does History Affect the Design of Documents?

  • Choose a decade
  • Choose a text based document (at least 50% text but you want it to have images too) created during that period
  • Create a list (minimum 5 points) of the historical elements that help to explain the design of the document. (You don't have to cover all of these. Just pick the ones that work for your document.)
    • Politics
    • Culture
    • Important Events
    • Education
    • Religion

Find at least one source that talks about the historical context for your document and post the Works Cited information on your list.

Example: The Riot Grrrl Zines from the 90's

The design of the Riot Girrrl Zines from the 90's was influenced by the historical context of the late 90's. Feminists felt a need to be more disruptive since women were not being taken seriously in some ways in spite of previous feminist efforts. This can be seen in the following ways:

  • The use of cut-outs to show that the way women were being treated was a throw-back to the way women were treated in the 60's.
  • The cut-outs, jagged lines, sharp edges were used to illustrate the radical feelings of the feminists.
  • The use of provocative images were used to jar readers into realizing that actions toward women often go unnoticed since they become so normal.
  • Limiting the color to black and white illustrates that women are still confined by old patriarchal standards.
  • The design overall has a 60's radical feel to it, again to be disruptive and provide an in-your-face tone to get people's attention.