For this project you can create whatever type of document you choose and create it using whatever program you desire to use.

For a list of possible projects, click on CommunityEngagement.

Students may choose whether they want to develop a project on their own or whether to work as a group on a project. To work as a group, students must present a proposal that explains how the group project will be organized. The proposal must be submitted and approved by the beginning of April.

  • Lindsey Berger - Business Card/letter head/web page design for Dad's business
  • Lauren DePriest? - Poster for Kinesiology Dept.
  • Brochure for Psychology Dept.
  • Kathryn Grubaugh - Business Card/Resume/Email/Web Page Design
  • Susan Johnson - Restaurant To Go Menu
  • Savannah Ramos - Envelope/letterhead/business card
  • Katie Hollers - Brochure for Children's Ministry
  • Stephanie Ochoa - Business Cards for Liza
  • Emily Cruz - Shower Invitation
  • Elizabeth Seaton - Grad Studies Brochure or Poster
  • Max - Haas or FY Journal
  • Sarah - FY Journal
  • Sylvia - Haas certificate and program
  • Amanda - Book Jacket
  • Brandy West - TW Book
  • Susan Harr - TW Book
  • Chantal - Baby Announcement
  • Sylvia Sanchez - Brochure for Dental Office
  • Edith - Island Waves
  • Amber - newsletter for work
  • Christine - brochure/flyer for musical attraction
  • Jeff - Manual for work
  • Jessica - Newsletter/informational for work