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M. Dawson, S. Britt, C. Seiller, G. Lawlor, N. Ballmer,. P.Lopez

writing community? Sean

  • As an FAQ, this would be more useful, I think, if you were asking something about the alignment (or lack of) between WC work and the ways writing is taught on campus or in various programs? Or should similar theories of writing instruction inform WCs? and writing programs? That gets even trickier because writing programs account for only part of the writing that studnets do. So how does the theoretical underpinning of the WC align with all the other approaches ot wrting instruction across campus? How can it? No matter how we might talk about WC work in our larger profession, the WC succeeds or not in direct proportion to the ways it addresses / fits with local needs. So how do WCs? "fit" into the complex theoretical mishmash that is writing instruction on a college campus?

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