You choose whether you want to work as part of a group of complete the project on your own. You should know each other well enough by now to know who you might want to work with, so it will be up to you to handle how your groups functions. But I am always available to help with issues that may come up.


  • You are teaching how to use at least 3 elements from the Adobe Creative Suite software (not all from PhotoShop).
  • Your content must have a real world application. You can do this one of two ways (that I can think of).
    • Show how to use the element by explaining with a real application. Or in another words, don't just explain the steps, but show the steps in a situation where you would need to actually apply the steps.
    • Show how to create some type of document, and in creating the document you use the elements you are trying to teach.

Two Parts


  • I'd recommend that you first find models that you like.
  • Identify the elements that you want to teach.
  • Decide what content you will use.
  • Decide which program you want to use to create your video.
  • Give yourself time to complete usability tests for your tutorials with real users. We will do these in class.

Documentation All work that is not your own must be documented in APA format, including images, etc.

What to Turn In

  • Content - Submit in Blackboard what your focus will be for your project. Include:
    • Who is working on the project if you are working in a group
    • A description of what elements from Creative Suite you will cover
    • A description the real world content you have chosen
  • First Draft - You should have most of the written tutorial completed. Remember to turn your file in as a pdf file, and if you are working as part of a group, list who worked on this portion.
  • Second Draft - You should have most of the video tutorial completed. If you are working as part of a group, list who worked on this portion.
  • Final - Turn in both written and video tutorials. For the written tutorial, turn in two versions - the InDesign file and a pdf fil. As you complete the video portion, you should go back to the written tutorial and make changes to improve that document. For the video, upload it to YouTube or another place where you can upload videos. Then post the link in Blackboard.