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One commonly referred to technical writing document is instructions or procedures. The project we are working on, a survival guide (manual) is a procedure document. Think about the types or instructions/procedures that are used in your career area and/or documents that you have used previously, and post your answer to at least two of these questions:
What types of instructions, procedures (manuals), and policies have you used?
What are your key complaints about these types of documents?
Have you ever used instructions that you really liked? Why were they so effective?
Have you ever used--or tried to use--instructions that were incomplete? What kinds of problems did the absence of those elements cause you?
Have you ever used--or tried to use--instructions or procedures that were poorly designed? What kinds of problems did the poor design cause you?
What do you consider the most important factor in effective instructions?
Why do we even need written instructions/procedures when we have YouTube to use to make a video to explain how to do things?
If you have examples of these types of documents--good or bad-- please attach those or provide the url.