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Lih,Andrew. "Wikipedia as participatory journalism: Reliable Sources? Metrics for evaluating colloaborative mesia as a news resource." Conference Presentation. 5th International Symposium on Online Jounalism. April 16-17, 2004. University of Texas at Austin.<> Journalism and mIdea Studies Center: The University of Hong Kong

Type of Article Research Article, beginning fives history and information. Developed a research model. Seminal look at how the wiki system works, is used. Taking another research model and applying it to a new topic. Conducted a study using quantative metrics.

Points The overview points listeed on page 2 led me to beleive I ouwld be given information in order, but this was not the case. The outline on page 1, however, did provide a real picture of what the article included. Figure 1 was not referenced in the discussion priop to its presentation and the connection between the text and the info in the figure was not well presented. Figure 2 was done correctly.

Thesis Based on the wiki definition of quality, high quality articles will have more edits and a wider variety of editor types. The author also looks at how mentioning the articles by other sources if affected.

Effectiveness of Article The author does provide a good amount of history in terms of what wiki and wikipedia are, how they work, why they work, why we would we use them.

Methodology Quantative metrics were used to measure the relative quality of articles in wiki. There are too many things going on in this article. The two variable were rigor and diversity. Does acknoweldge assumptions, and how he is defining the events he is examining. He uses a comparison group and gives the reasons why he chose the group he chose. Looking at the relaiablity of the source. Historical trends, how people interact. Participatory journalism speaks to the communications audience.


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