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Helmers-Chapter 1 and 2
If I did not learn anything else but interpret this cartoon, this class gave me a wide awareness of visual rhetoric. When I read this chapter, I could not connect to Scott article, until I read his article. My problem is that I read this book before book. Now, I can relate to icons and through factors such as Universal Identification, Simplicity and the Childlike Features of many cartoon characters also play a part (207).

The class discussed for Sabbath Eve in a Coal Cellar, A Cobbler on Ludlow (13). After the discussion, I realized that my visual of filth is cleaness. In addition, I learned that I can use the of Design: Literal and of Design: (34-36).

I was amazed at the sign and the interpretations of the cow, UFO and the bullet shots on the sign (57). How we all had different interpretations. I like interpretation, are we perceived as cows in the eye? Is the sign letting us know cows, UFOs, and people shooting in the vicinity?