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Chapter 14-Trimbur

Typography has been a longtime topic in the writing curriculum. The problem is that, by and large, typography has been ghettorized in technical communication, where many compositionists think of it as a vocational skill (263).

Chapter 17-Solomom Most punctuation marks one composed to be seen but not heard. Punctuations directs tempo, pitch, volume, and the separation of words. Periods-full stops. Commas slow the reader down. Question marks change pitch. Quotation marks indicates references (282). Asterisks function as visual movers, telling the reader to go to another location for a reference or definition (284). Punctuation is to typography what perceptive is to painting (289).

Chapter 18-Porter/Sullivan USE THIS MODEL FOR RESEARCH PROJECT 1. Primary Research 2. Discussion of Secondary Sources 3. Theorectical Perceptive 4. Methodology 5. Results of Primary Sources 6. Discussion/Conclusion

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