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SGarza: June7TyingItAllTogether

This article seems to me to be the basis of what this class is about. It includes reference to a number of our readings in this class and from English 5372. It also mentions some of our class projects. That said, the focus of "Teaching Visual Rhetoric" is how visual elements should be used to be effective and some of the current downfalls of academic and media presentations (ex. the heavy use of PowerPoint by students).

One of the more noteworthy statements for me in this piece was "Visual rhetoric is evident in all forms of communication," (8). Though much of our education is about separating styles, for example separating historical writing from scientific, this is perhaps a mistake. The focus in academia is too much on differentiating between genres and not enough on clarity for the reader. The elements so important to effective visual rhetoric-spacing, blocking of text, typography, bulleting, boxes, etc. are ignored or underused (particularly by graduate students and undergraduate freshman) as we attempt to convey the entirety of the information we have learned without regard for structure or overall readability.

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