I plan to answer the question of how the textbook we use for English 1301 here at TAMUCC either effectively or ineffectively incorporates visual rhetoric for purpose of relaying information.

My primary research will include conducting a visual analysis of the images, charts, illustrations, etc. used in the textbook.

My secondary research will include locating an evaluation of some sort to score the textbook we TAs? are supposed to use to teach 1301. I plan to use current scholarly articles as they are available on our online databases. I plan on using people sources, too. I want to email some experts, and interview one here on campus regarding their input on effective use of visuals as teaching aids, in textbooks.

Mishra's article, "The Role of Abstraction in Scientific Illustration..." inspired me to question whether the English 1301 textbook is visually effective. I know I will have to define what "effective" is as it will be used in my results. I aim to conclude whether or not what Mishra says about the "imbalance" of verbal effectiveness over "picture" analyzing when it comes to pedagogy. I want to come to a conclusion as to the amount of research on visual rhetoric in the context of pedagogy is readily available through our online, scholarly databases. This may provide insight into the quality of information I may find.

My methodology will probably depend on how I plan to evaluate the textbook, and I'm not sure of that yet, as I need to research that topic of "what makes a good English textbook". I hope this is even possible.

Note: This plan may change, depending on what I might find along the path of research. Dr. Garza: Please help ^ - ^