We will work together in class to create a list of questions that you can use to help you with your Writing on the Job Interview.

  • How does writing affect job positions?-Shawana Balfour
  • If you are unable to write well or effectively can you lose your job?-Shawana Balfour
    • In relation to writing: What are the greatest pressures, strains or anxieties in this field? - Stacie Thomas


  • What are the different types of writing you do in a typical day? -Shannon Hester
  • What is the best way to stay organized? -Shannon Hester

  • How much time do you spend writing on the job?-Danielle Eiskant
  • What type of documents do you write?-Danielle Eiskant


  • Who is your primary audience in your writings?-Brian Ramirez


  • Are you allowed to submit handwritten documents to your superiors or must everything be typed up to qualify as an official copy within the organization. ~Risa Murray~
  • How do you prepare yourself each semester to ensure that things run smoothly between the documents students must fill out and all the information you must then submit to superiors? ~Risa Murray~
  • How would you compare the writing requirements of the V.A. with the requirements in the military? (I.e., black ink, one-lining through mistakes, all capitals) ~Risa Murray~
  • Without going into too much detail, how do you safeguard a person's private information? (I.e., locked filing cabinets, online security programs, firewalls, etc..) ~Risa Murray~
    • What planning goes into writing a document or article? - Jarod Cassidy
    • How do you check the background of a source to ensure their credibility? - Jarod Cassidy


What types of documents do you usually write, and what is the acceptable media to publish these documents? -Chris Alford

How often do you usually spend on one document? -Chris Alford

=== <<<<<<<

<<<<<<< How important is writing in relation to your job?- Arturo Martinez

What are some things people often overlook when writing in your line of work? - Arturo Martinez

What is one common mistake you see when looking at other employees documents? - Arturo Martinez



  • If you could relive the last 5 years, what changes would you make?
  • What is your pet peeves?
  • Why do you want to go into this field?
  • What motivates you? -Marilyn Hellums

  • patrick ortiz

What type of writing do you do in this job, do you have certain formats you follow?

-Marina A. Martinez

What type of planning do you do to prepare for a job plan?

-Marina A.Martinez