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SGarza: Mar8

Michelle's 2nd White Paper Source

Comment From Willma - Errors and Expectations

Comment From willma - Remediation as Social Construct

Additional White Paper Sources From Willma

Question from Charlie- Shaughnessy

Melissa's White Paper Source

Question from Melissa: Remediation as Social Construct

Question from Charlie- Remediation as social construct

Question From Omar - Errors and Expectations

Omar's White Paper Source

Charlie's White Paper Source

Remediation as Social Construct question from Matt

Matt's White Paper Sources II

Comment from Caleb-Errors and Expectations

Caleb's White Paper Source

Krystal: White Paper Source 2: An Ethic of Engagement

3-8 Another White Paper Source- Chelsea

3-8 Response from Chelsea

2nd White Paper Source - Samanatha Howard

2nd White Paper Source - Sonya Acuna

2nd white paper source - ed <<<<<<<

Emily's White Paper Sources =======

2nd white paper source from Eda >>>>>>>

Emily's Book Review Source

Wendy's White Paper Source

Another Source for Wendy's White Paper

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