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SGarza: MichellesResponseToWiki

This should have been the very first reading we had for class! This semester is the first time I have ever used Wiki and it has forced me to learn much more about it than I had originally wanted to. I am not saying it is a bad thing, but reading this information about Wiki would have helped me understand it and little bit better. For the first two weeks of class I spent more time trying to figure out how to post something to Wiki than actually reading the material. The phrase "I hate Wiki" was a part of my everyday speech those first two weeks.

With my rant aside, there are a few things that I have come to appreciate about Wiki, which also are mentioned in the article. The collaborative learning process on Wiki is something that I have taken advantage of. When we do our Mapping the Field in our specific groups, we are all writing about different things that we have taken away from the reading and discussion. Having all of the responses in one combined section makes the collaborative learning process easily accessible and "students who might not be able to afford the latest version of an expensive software program need only a browser in order to become web authors or to participate in a collaborative project."

Under Examples in the left table, while most of the links no longer exist, the Teaching Site link does work and it shows the versatility of Wiki.

Response from Wendy

I agree that this was very helpful reading and I wish we had seen it earlier in the semester. I learned a lot about wiki that I hadn't realized and have decided that this will make a really great resource for my white paper.

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