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I originally wanted to focus on multilingual writers and their struggles with the writing experience, specifically whether or not to write in their first language or how much of their first language to include in their writings. I came across an article by Canagarajah, which I thought would be useful.

Canagarajah, Suresh. "Multilingual Writers and the Academic Community: towards a Critical Relationship." Journal of English for Academic Purposes 1 (2002): 29-44. Print.

As I did more research into choosing a book for the book review, my interests shifted into a more feminist approach. I came across the book Rhetorica in Motion: Feminist Rhetorical Methods and Methodologies, which focuses on feminist rhetoric of various studies like disability, aging, Latina, queer, transgender, and transnational. The Canagarajah article is still applicable to the book I chose because it focuses specifically with multilingual women, so I will use it as one source.

Book for review:

Schell, Eileen E., and K. J. Rawson. Rhetorica in Motion: Feminist Rhetorical Methods & Methodologies. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh, 2010. Print.
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