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Feedback: Olaf, Dong Bo and Aslam gave me some feedback about my paper. We discussed quiet about the topic of my paper. I, myself also knew that it is a very big project for just one person and in one semester. Olaf's sugest that i should narrow it down in to one small point or better choose a topic from a coference room. I quiet interested in the topic but it is a very difficult topic. I am considering to choose a topic in the conference room which is more familiar with me. People in the group also mention that i need to reorganize the points in my paper.

I gave feedback for Olaf. Olaf gave us some question that he wanted us to answer. I found it very hard to follow the first part of the paper. He didnt have an abstract or an introduction of the paper. That is why the purpose of the paper is not clear. Because the paper was writen for teachers and linguistics, he used a lot of terms that im not used to with. I got totaly lost in the first part where he summarized all the research papers. I hardly can gave him useful feedback on the paper as the topic is far beyond of my understanding. But in my opinion, he could change a litle bit in the first part by choosing only 3-4 important research papers and summarize them. The second part was easier to follow and understand.

Minh Duc Dang

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