Primary Research

  • I would like to consider the idea of the visual rhetoric of poetry, including (possibly) all stages of poetry--from its roughest to its most complete state. I will look at the poetry of Charles Bukowski, focusing on 3 poems. The poems that I choose will look different visually, and I am going to try to determine whether there are common elements.

Discussion of Secondary Sources

  • I am trying to find sources in which bukowski discusses his poetic theory or why he chooses to lay out his poetry the way he does. Other secondary sources include the Trimbur, Keedy, and Solomon articles in the Handa book, as well as other articles whose subject matter is typography or visual elements of poetry

Theorectical Perspective

  • I think that the poetry produced is strongly indicative of the poetic theory behind the poetry, whether the poet has explicitly stated his/her theory or not.


  • I will look at the overall appearance of the poems, the technical aspects (such as line length, stanza length, overall length of poem, font, use of bold or italics, language preference, punctuation, how the visual elements speak to the message of the poem, and so on), and I would like to incorporate aspects of the poet's poetic theory.