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On Apr 1, 4:09 pm, "N" <> wrote:

Good Afternoon Dr. Blalock.

Thank you very much for your response to our Writing Center Project for Compfaq. Meredith and I have decided that the topic (of what to call a consultant) does indeed fall under Gillian's topic of the role of a writing center consultant. We decided to focus on Mainstreaming and writing centers. We are covering this in Dr. S.W. Murphy's class on Basic Writing and thought that the information we gathered would be beneficial for the Compfaq assignment. At present we are reading Mainstreaming Basic Writers and have many articles that focus on the debates surrounding this discussion. What we are wanting to then, is to tie in the role of the Writing center. What do you think about this? Any suggestions you have would be quite helpful.

Thanks again for you feedback. Regards,

Noelle Ballmer

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