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First Paragraph
*Presents a question
*Provides a context
*Showing he is talking about credible sources
*Giving his opinion
*Wants us to think about it too - what's our opinion
Second Paragraph
*Giving history/context
*What did the person say/do?
Third Paragraph
*Questioning the actions
*Comparing what was done one day with what was done the next day
*Giving history/context

Giving Reader information to set up what he is going to do now

Fourth Paragraph
*Comparing the two incidents
*Provides more context - Brooklyn Museum
*Pointing out what happened.
*Uses question for pathos
*Uses "right" and question to get us to think about whether or not this is a right action, more pathos
Fifth Paragraph
*Giving more context, more evidence, another example
*More credible sources
*Showing the scope of the issue
*Labeling "secular-progressive press", pathos

Article expression?
*Heading is bolded to get attention
*Wants us to think about it too - what's our opinion

Sixth Paragraph
*Giving an example of what they said before
*Giving history/context
*Bringing in what the other side may think - "folks" who protested the play

Seventh Paragraph
*Giving his opinion
*Showing examples that contradict what was said earlier
*Showing he's open minded or condescending
*Focus on "artistic expression"

Eigth Paragraph
*Being sarcastic
*Focus on "artistic expression," him main focus

Ninth Paragraph
*Backing up his previous statements
*Giving the answer by asking asking and answering his own question