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Feedback: Duc, Dong Bo, and Aslam gave me feedback on the lit review part and the scond section. We had some organizational problems, but the in-class discussion was productive. The group suggested that I shorten and simplify the lit review so that it looks more like a journal introduction. On my cover sheet I had asked for feedback on the length of the quotes I used, but the group wanted me to reorganize the part before we look at the actual quotes. I will go back and look at similar articles in the Journal of Second Language Writing to see what kind of lit review (and how long) is usually included.

My group said that the second part (selected from what I think will be discussion) was easier to follow; I also asked for feedback about the model itself (since my group members are experienced L2 writers) but we didn't get that far. Duc also suggested that I should include an abstract to give them a better idea of where my article is going.


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