Read the Preface and Chapter 1 in the Applen text. This will be a lot of reading about the theory behind why we do what we do when we write for the web. We can do a better job if we understand what readers do when they go to read on the web, and how we can best present info to help readers understand the info. Much of this may be new info for you so don't feel like you have to totally understand all of it. As we move through the semester you may find more of it making sense. But it's a good beginning for you to think about these concepts.

Do the Exercise (pg. 26) and post your response in the Discussion Forum. You don't have to answer all of the questions. Choose what you want to discuss and go with that.

Applen supports his points by bringing others into his discussion who study literacy/communication/etc., such as Ong, Lanham, McLuhan?. Choose one of the people he cites (anyone on Works Cited list on pgs. 26-27) and do a quick Internet search.

Post in the Discussion Forum a little bit of info about the work the person has done related to the chapter. Choose someone who you are interested in, and then share with the group more about their work, something you think would be interesting to the group.