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SGarza: PartFour-2017

These projects were created by students enrolled during the Summer of 2017 in a graduate course focusing on the visual rhetoric of memorial spaces.

Visualizing the Memory: Multicultural Tragedy Embodied in Babi Yar Memorial (Kyiv, Ukraine)
by Olena Simmons

Avenge Us: Memorializing Heniek Wodislawki's Notes
by Danyela Fonseca

Coventry Memorial: The Covering Up and Unearthing of Victims in Aberfan, Wales 1966-2007
by Elizabeth Sheri Bouse

Writing: A Common Thread
by Kathryn La Gesse

The School Children of Lidice Memorial
by Lisamarie Gunter
Attach:Lisa.pdf Attach:Lisa2.html

Analysis of Imagery used in My Revenge (memoir of Yaakov Wodzislawski, Holocaust survivor)
by Sheri Bouse

Corpus Christi Memorials This project was created to develop an archive of the memorials located in Corpus Christi, Texas. This is an ongoing project and hopefully future classes/students will continue the work.

A Maker Project by Sonia Arellano

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