Now that you have identified the discipline and any sub-categories that you want to study, our next step is to start gathering information about how writing is done in that discipline.

  • Reread John's Article Use the list on page 52. Here are the Questions developed by students. Use these questions in your presentation.
  • Still focusing on how writing is done in your discipline, find info that will help to answer each question. Give one example for each question. We are still in the early gathering phase so I don't expect you to have found all the answers.
  • Present your info as a Slidecast, which is basically a Power Point type of presentation but with audio added.
    • Before you begin, study the info at These types of presentations can be done very badly. I want you to focus on audience and purpose. The audience is our class, and the purpose if to explain to the class what you have learned so far about the discourse community that makes up your discipline.
    • You have to have audio, which means what you have in the slide show will help to supplement what you are saying. As the info in the link above points out, your slides are not meant to include every last word of your message.
    • Before you start to answer the questions, begin your presentation by telling a little about yourself, what discipline you are studying, and what makes you interested in it. This will serve as a type of intro to help us learn who is in the class.

Very important: You must list the sources for all material you use, unless it is something you made/wrote yourself. Use APA formatting. If you need help with that you can go to the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Here's another useful resource on using images