The goal of this course, as well as most of your college courses, is to prepare you for the career you some day hope to be in. For this assignment, we are going to look into the future and assume you have gotten your dream job. But we want to make sure you are ready to look informed and professional as you do that job.

  • Find an example of someone in a job related to the job that you want who has made a mistake in some type of communication, or in other words, the wrong use of language. This could be oral or written, it could be an interview where the person is reporting or asking questions, or it could be something the person wrote - email, letter, report, web page info, etc. The mistake can take many forms as well, such as word choice, incorrect usage, incorrect pronunciation, poor wording, incorrect format, etc.
  • If you use an example from your real life, make sure to get rid of real names and other identifying info.
  • Present the example, explain how it connects to your chosen career, and explain what the mistake(s) is. Feel free to refer to sites on the internet that explain the incorrect/correct forms/rules that fit your example.
  • Present this text to the class just like you presented your crazy manual. You can present in the same way or use a different presentation style.
  • Don't present common examples that we already know about, such as blunders by famous people we've seen a million times already. And don't present an example that does not relate to your future career.

An example I've noticed a lot lately is the word "oriented." I have seen many times where people, even professional well educated people, have used the word "orientated" instead. I hear it more and more so it seems to be spreading.

Resources for Getting it Right