Select two professors in your discipline area who teach at TAMUCC and review their subject matter knowledge. You do not have to had already taken a class with the professor. So for example, if you are a nursing major, you would choose to professors who currently teach in the College of Nursing.

Review this article again and pay close attention to the part talking about professors:

Compare the two professors based on the following:

  • Area of expertise
  • Background/training/terminal degrees
  • Research
  • Teaching area/focus

How will you find this info? Do not bother the professor. Use these sources instead:

We will again use the John's article focusing on pgs. 58-64. Find an online publication for each professor. Discuss how each professor reaches one of the goals for writing that John's talks about. You can talk about each publication, or you can compare the two. Use at least 3 of the points listed (there are 10 total in the John's article).

You will present your information as an Infographic. You can go to or or or find an alternative tool.

Audience - Other students in 1302 classes

Here is an example of an inforgraphic:

Very important: You must list the sources (including images/pics, etc.) for all material you use, unless it is something you made/wrote yourself. Use APA formatting. If you need help with that you can go to the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Here's another useful resource on using images