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For this assignment we will build on the genre examples you identified earlier. Although some of the examples given were not genres, so make sure you do have examples of genres for your discipline. I made note of that in the earlier feedback, please don't hesitate to ask if you are unsure.

*First, review the Power Point Pay attention mostly to the first presentation, although the many that follow will give you more info if you still need help understanding genre.
*Pick a document that can represent a genre used in your discipline. You will want to be specific, and choose something that is more specific to your area. For example, in Nursing, some of you listed Patient Charts as one type of genre used. In the Update Forum I posted an example of a genre used in my discipline - a poster presentation used for a conference.
*Once you have picked the genre, find at least 3 examples of the genre. So if you are using the Patient Chart as a genre in Nursing, you would find three examples of Patient Charts as used by Nurses. These can be real documents that you have access to, although make sure not to share any personal info related to patients. You are welcome to use examples you find on the Internet, but remember that you have to give all of the source info for anything you use.
*Analyze the examples in terms of purposes for the document, macrostructures/patterns major sections and how each section is organized, and language choice/lexis voice, tense, idiom, etc. Also look to see if you can find a [[ | style guide]] or documentation manual for the type of document you are working on. You have probably all had to use the [=MLA=] or [=APA=] style guides. There are such guides for most discipline areas that provide structure and conventions for writing in each area. You already talked about some of these elements in a previous assignment, but for this assignment you will do more analysis and explanation of what the genre is and how it works.
*This time for presentation method, you will create a [[ | photo essay]], focusing on providing the information using images. No audio this time, and try to get by with as little text as possible. (I'm sure you are thinking yay, no audio!) You can use any visual tool that you want - colors, arrows, boxes, etc. to present your points. Here's an example Think about how you can visually show the purposes, structures and language/lexis in your examples. Take a look at this I like how several images are places side by side. You might show multiple images on one slide and just the contrast can tell a story sometimes.
*It is your choice as to which platform to use to create the presentation. We have tried out several so think which one would best help you present this info. In my thinking this is similar to what you did for the slide cast assignment, although you would not use any audio.

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