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SGarza: PersonalWebsiteProject

To develop your Personal Website, follow the instructions in Chapter 6 of the Applen text. Remember, you don't have to create the site from scratch, doing the coding that you practiced in earlier chapters of the Applen text. You can choose a website builder program that will create the site and let you add your information. However you will still need to apply the concepts we are learning in our readings as you create the site. You can't just build a bad site and use the excuse that, well that's just the way the website builder created the site. You will still be graded on whether or not the site follows the concepts we are learning about good website design. Your site can be whatever format fits your goals. For example, a blog site can be used to present your info based on your goals.

If you already have a personal site you are happy with, you don't have to create a new one. But you will need to read the chapter and apply any new ideas/concepts from the chapter and from other readings and make changes to your site to improve it if need be.

Also, you must add the work you complete this semester to your personal site to update it.


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