What is a Portfolio?

Some Guidelines (as starting ideas):

  • Up to 20% can be new writing. All the rest has to be work you have already done.
  • Approximately 50 pages total. Although how will we define pages for online writing?
  • Can be any writing you have done/want to do? Not limited to "school" writing.
  • Your school writing choices can be from any class, not just English classes.

Portfolio Assessment:

  • Does the portfolio have a clear purpose that relates to a specific audience/audiences?
  • Does the portfolio have the right balance of new and revised pieces? (approximately 50 pages with up to 20% new writing)
  • Do the revised pieces represent work that is ready for publication (publication in various ways/levels)?
  • Does the work illustrate the advanced level of writing of the author?
  • Is the portfolio well laid out using the guidelines discussed in class (handout)?

Portfolio Plan

Portfolio Audience

Portfolio Format