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SGarza: PortfolioTwoReview

Section One

Morris, Errol. "The Case of the Mouse." New York Times. Date.

In this article Morris discusses fake images, ......... Morris supports his discussion by sharing with the readers an interview with Curtis, an expert in examining photographs. He also provides examples by showing the actual pictures in question and asking the readers to think about the ......... Morris does a good job of explaining topics x and y, but he should have been more direct in questioning Curtis about why he did not want to show the other pcitures. Morris does not give his main ideas. He rather lays out the info and lets the reader come to their own conclusions.

Section Two

Point One: One question regarding PF is whether or not the author intended to present a false picture, so I will discuss the implication of intent.

For this point I will mainly use the journal aritcle by Reyes, the book by Sanchez and the website by AOL Networks. The article by Reyes discusses X and Y and I will talk about how X proves that FP exist...... The book by Sanchez has a great chapter on How Curits andlkjdf. . .. .

Point Two: Another question that arises with PF is how a caption affects the reality of the message the reader gets.

Section Three:

Intro paragraph. Write about the images.

Picture One

Picture One and Picture Two

Point one abuot the two picture

Point two about the two pictures

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