• Sequencing: Two Interpretive Tales in Gaining Ground in College Writing by Rich Haswell
  • Testing, testing ... How do students use written feedback by Stephanie E. Pitts, Active Learning in higher education
  • Assigning, Responding, Evaluating by Edward M. White



Writing Theory

  • Teaching Writing: The Major Theories by Anne Ruggles Gere
  • The Teaching of Writing by Petrosky and Bartholomae

Visual Rhetoric


March 9-11, 2011]]

Composition Theory

  • Composition in the University by Sharon Crowley
  • College Writing and Beyond by Anne Beaufort
  • Teaching about Writing, Righting Misconceptions: (Re)Envisioning 'First-Year Composition' as 'Introduction to Writing Studies' by Downs and Wardle in CCC 58:4, June 2007 Bloom, Daiker & White
  • Composition in the Twenty-First Century by Bloom, Daiker and White
  • Composition Theory in the Eighties: Axiological Consensus and Paradigmatic Diversity by Richard Fulkerson in CCC 41:4, December 1990
  • Composing Critical Pedagogies by Amy Lee
  • Is There a Text in This Class? Stanley Fish
  • Constructing Knowledges by Sidney I. Dobrin

Feminist Composition Theory