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Creating Visual Rhetoric III

<<<<<<< THIS IS A NEW LINK. I FORGOT TO SAVE AS PDF ---Margaret Ramirez (w/ Works Cited) Eda O. Willma H. My graphic text is in comic Life and a power point format, To view correctly, Tab over to VIEW and select PRESENT. The images were retrieved from Wikipedia Public Commons and Public Image database. -- Deanna H. All images are my own. - John H.

I hope this works!! Here's my Works Cited: Attach:jessworkcited.doc - Jess S.

My computer couldn't download the software needed to create the comic; so I used another program! Here's the link! Cut and paste! - Qimin Sheng

Ana Quesnel's Comic:This one is on a google doc-Easy to view, but cuts out background- This one should be full version-

I hope this works.. my Works Cited: Attach:creativeassignmentIIIworkscited.doc- Δ Natalie C.

I think I figured it out! All images and text is mine, based on a short story I wrote several years ago. It's long, but I hope you enjoy. Nora GP

I had trouble keeping the program running, so I did mine on Photoshop and used Publisher to PDF it. I hope this turns out ok. :] - Clare R.
Fight! PDF
Fight! References PDF

All images are my own - Chimene Burnett

Mary Gonzalez' comic:

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