Email or turn in a hard copy your progress report to Dr. Garza for work you have completed to date on Portfolio Three. You can write the report as a memo, or choose another format if you so desire. You should include the following:

  • A summary of what you are doing for Portfolio Three, including the audience and purpose, and the main contact person you are working with.
  • A copy of the first two pages of work you have done on the project so far.
  • A summary of your schedule showing what you still need to accomplish, who you need to contact, what info you need to gather, dates for having these items done.
  • Questions or problems you are having.

I am working on the compliance section of the SOP's for the Grant Writing office. I have not been able to start the actual work, because I haven't had the information to use. Now that I have recieved the email with information about the compliance section, I can start working on it. My contact person is Renee Gonzales. Andy, Kelsey and I need to decide who will take what section and begin working. I am hoping to have a rough copy by next tuesday in order to hav someone review. Casey Henry