Andrew Lih, "Wikipedia as Participatory journalism: reliable resources? metrics for evaluating collaborative media as a news resource." conference presentation .5th international symposium on online journalism. April 16-17, 2004. University of Texas at Austin. <> Journalism and Media Studies Centre: The university of Hong Kong

Research article, beginning gives history and information. Developed a research model.seminal look at how the wiki system works, is used. taking another research model and applying it to a new topic.

The overview points listed on page 2 led me to think that I would be given info in that order, but that was not the case. The outline on page one, however, did provide a real picture of what the articled included.

Figure 1 was not referenced in the discussoin prior to its presentation and the connection between the text and the info in the figure was not well presented.

He provides a good amount of history in terms of what wiki and wikipedia are,how they work, why they work, why we would use them.

Theses: based on the wiki definition of quality high quality articles will have more edits and have a wide variety of editor types.He also looks at how mentioning of the article by other sources if affected.

Methodology: too many things going on. he is examining two variables, rigor and diversity. does acknowledgement and how he is defining the events he's looking at. Uses a comparison group.Looking at reliability of the source,historical trends, how people interact.