Info to help you prepare abstracts for the conferences:

  • Renssalaer Writing Center Abstract Directions (FYI-This is what we are calling the "proposal".)
  • "A conference abstract is an abstract that you submit for consideration to present a paper at a professional conference. It is usually much longer than a summary abstract and functions independently from the paper it is based on (since the conference review committee will see it and not your actual paper). Thus, your primary audience for the conference abstract is the conference review committee. The conference participants -- to whom you will actually deliver your paper -- are your secondary audience. In addition to impressing the conference reviewing committee, your purpose in writing a conference abstract is to create a "research space" from which to write/present and to appeal to as large an audience as possible." (UNLV writing center)
  • UC Davis Abstract Instructions

Conferences we are planning to send some students to this summer: